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Name:Degrassi: It Goes There...
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Degrassi: The Next Generation

Want to talk about Degrassi? Then there is the place! Anything from discussion, episode reactions, fics, art, icons, anything! It all goes so long as it's Degrassi related.

There's only one rule, and that's no bashing. (Because this is a fluffy fun squeeful place)

Please try to tag your entries with the proper tag and label your subject line with the general gist of your post (for example, if you are posting about an episode reaction, put "Episode Reaction - Episode seasonxnumber - Title") This is not a hard and fast rule, more a guideline for navigation.

Also, please put recently aired episode discussions under spoiler-cuts! We don't want to run the happy funtimes for anyone who hasn't seen them yet!

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